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Article #1

Earache is cited as the most common reason for a parent to call a doctor out of hours for their child. It will often be the result of an ear infection.

Adults are less likely to experience earache and ear infections than children.

Earache can be a sharp, dull or burning ear pain that comes and goes or is constant. One or both ears may be affected.

The information below should not be used to self-diagnose your condition, but may give you an idea as to what is causing your earache. It does not include every possible cause, but outlines the most common reasons for earache.

These are:

  • Glue ear – a build-up of fluid deep inside the ear (behind the eardrum), which mainly affects children
  • An infection in the ear canal (outer side of the eardrum)
  • A scrape or other physical damage to the inside of the ear caused by a cotton bud, stick or similar
  • A plug of earwax or another object stuck inside the ear
  • A throat infection, such as tonsillitis or quinsy, which can affect the ear
Less common causes of earache

Less commonly, earache can be caused by a number of other conditions. You should visit your GP or dentist if you think you have any of these.

A problem with your jaw bone

You may have a problem with the joint of your jaw bone, where the jaw meets the skull. This is known as temperomandibular joint pain, and it may be caused by arthritis or teeth grinding.

A dental abscess

A dental abscess is a collection of pus that can form in your teeth or gums as a result of a bacterial infection. It can cause earache, although the main symptom of a dental abscess is pain in your affected tooth, which can be intense and throbbing. Your dentist will need to remove the abscess and drain the pus.

An impacted tooth

Earache can be caused by a wisdom tooth or molar (back tooth) that has not fully broken through the skin. Have a look inside your mouth if you think this is causing your earache – some of the tooth will still be below the gum line. Your dentist will be able to advise you about whether the tooth needs to be removed.

Facial nerve pain

Sometimes, ear pain can actually be trigeminal neuralgia, which is sudden, severe nerve pain in the face. It is usually caused by pressure on the main nerve inside the skull.

The pain is felt in the jaw, cheek or eye and can last from a few seconds to a couple of minutes. Prescription medicine can often provide temporary pain relief.

Eczema in the ear canal

A type of eczema called seborrhoeic dermatitis can also sometimes cause earache. It affects any area of skin that is naturally greasy, such as the ears, and causes the skin to become irritated and inflamed, with red, scaly patches. Your GP will be able to prescribe eardrops containingcorticosteroids to help clear it up.


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